Friday, September 3, 2010 I suck at keeping up with this.

Okay....I think I left off with Katie's last day. That one started out with a doozie. Desilu's ear had been lookinga bit shabby. It looked like she had some sort of infection. I had tried perozide, rubbing alcohol, and neosporin....but nothing was helping. So I woke up super early and took her to the vet that Saturday. Turns out it's ringworm. She had a few spots on her body. So I had to leave her there while they put her under and cleaned the areas and flushed her ear and gave her tons of medicine. $400 later and my baby is on the mend. I also got some hillarious video of her attempting to walk around while she was still doped up.

So, Katie and I went to see the Hollywood sign up close and ended up picnicing there for dinner that night at a park right below the sign. It was a wonderful send off. That night we went to Booty LA, which is a big dance party in the basement of this club. Lot's of fun!!!

The next morning, I woke up and took her to the airport :(. I was pooped out....but that night was Rent at the Hollywood Bowl directed by Neil Patrick Harris. There were some casting and set decisions that I didn't like, but overall, I think NPH did well. Nicole Sherzinger from the Pussy Cat Dolls really took me by surprise! At first, when I found out she was cast, I though 'what's she doing in a play?' I think 'What's she doing in Pussy Cat Dolls.' That girl can wail! She should either be in more musicals or be a solo act! She did Maureen justice!

The following weekend, on Friday....I went to see Harry Connick Jr at the Hollywood Bowl. That was tons of fun! Everyone should go see him if you get the chance. Loved it!

The next day, I went to an outdoor screening of The Breakfast Club which was also a food festival with food trucks from all over LA. It was so much fun. I went with a great group of friends and had a blast watching one of my favorite 80's movies.

Okay....that post catches me up on a few weeks....I'll post more later and hopefully will be in real time in time for my upcoming birthday celebrations! :)

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