Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Update

So we signed a lease!!! YAY! I will gradually be moving over the next couple of days. I'll hopefully get a real bed (and not an air mattress) sometime early next week. I won't be able to email or post blogs much because we don't get internet until Wednesday....until there's some Wi-Fi I can steal.....

But, I just wanted to write a quick note to say that.

OH....totally unrelated, but I keep forgetting to mention it. I saw the hospital where Scrubs is shot on Super Bowl Sunday and I passed the cemetary where Michael Jackson and I think Humphrey Bogart are. As soon as we passed it I said 'that looks beautiful. I want to go walk around in there sometime.' Then Drea said that it's where Michael Jackson is....we do plan on going in to look around at some point. Is it weird that I love cemetaries? Very Harold and Maudish......

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's been a week....

So I'm stuck in my Disneyland's been a week and I really want to go back! I already can only do the volunteer thing once! Maybe they'll do it again next year and the rule will change to once a year! :)

Anyway, Drea and I applied for that great apt and it's turning out to be a longer process than necessary. But, I guess you can do that with a hot rental spot. It'll be all better once we have the place!

I've mostly been working all week though. Finally getting into a groove where I'm making money. I just feel like I left my brain in Pittsburgh sometimes though. I just keep making stupid computer mistakes. Hopefully that stops soon!

On Thursday, I had a great initiation. I went to In and Out Burger! I was told that I must go there and get the animal fries, a milkshake, and obviously a burger. It was great. I guess all of the fries are fresh cut....there's no frozen patties. The guy who wrote fast food nation said that that is the only fast food place he would ever go to. They really love their burgers out here....I have to say that my favorite one so far though is the one that I had at Ruby's on Balboa Pier. They're all really good out here though. I was told that I can now be a true Californian...te he he.

That night, I went to the premiere of my friend Nicole's film. It was directed by her boyfriend Alex. Well, that was an adventure! It was in Marina Del Rey (actually about 2 buildings down from where Laura and Craig stayed last week) and I made a wrong turn coming off the exit. That was fine....easy to correct....until I hit a friggin pot hole! We heard the air gushing from the tire right away. A gas station was right there so I just pulled in there. Well....long story short....a guy offered to change our tire for us and we got on our way. But still....a bummer right?

Well, we went to the event and it was great. It was 3 short films and after each film, the directors would go up and give little speeches. You could tell that Alex was completely overwhelmed. About 500 people showed up and no one expected that response. They should all be very proud.

Well, I decided to stay at Drea's that night. I didn't want to drive back on the freeway with a doughnut on my car. So, I got to snuggle with my kitty the whole night!!!! It was wonderful!!!! I miss that so much and will have that again very very soon!!!!!!!

The next day I woke up and found a ticket on my windsheild.....blasted streetcleaning!!!!! Then I went to Pepboys expecting to pay a bunch of money for a new tire....nope....the bump made the tire dislodge from the wheel so the mechanic just had to put it back together. I just have to get an alignment with my next oil change and I should be fine! So, yay for not buying a new tire to replace the already brand new tire....but boo on the parking ticket. I guess it all works out!

That's pretty much it right now. I'm going to be running errands today and tomorrow (days off....yay) and hopefully I'll be moving this weekend or next monday!!! OH.....I know one thing I'm doing this Saturday. Drea and I are going to see Adventure in Babysitting at a midnight screening! So excited!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you wish upon a star your dreams come true....

A lifelong dream of mine has finally come true! I have been to Disneyland! I have wanted to go to a Disney park since I can remember and anyone who knows me knows that I needed to go to one...te he he. All I have been saying for years is that all I want is a picture with Mickey while I wear Minnie ears. Look at the pictures below! :)

A few weeks ago, a group of us did a volunteer program where you give a day and gets a Disney day for free. Thank God because a ticket to Disney is $72!!!

Anyway, there were 10 of us there and it was soooo much fun!!!! I don't even know if I could describe the whole day because we did so much! OH....everyone who goes should do the fast pass! I thought it would cost money, but it does not!!! Do it! You basically go ahead of time and they give you a designated time to come back and use the fast pass. You can only have one at a time (with some exceptions). But, do it!

We started off by going to the Mad Hatter to get my ears of course. Then we went to watch Abe Lincoln speak because it was President's Day! That Abe kind of freaked me out a bit. It's apparently the most advanced robot Disney has. Robots creep me out cause we're a step away from The Terminator coming true.....te he he. The funniest part of the day though, was walking out of the Theatre with Abe and I don't even know why, but there were portraits of Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson. I was hysterical. Absolutely no idea....

Then we went over to Adventureland and went of the Indiana Jones ride. That was a great first ride to go on. Next with Pirates of the Carribean and then the Haunted Mansion. Both were adorable! I think after that we did Splash Mountain (thank you fast pass). I really liked that even though we got drentched! Then we went to the Hungry Bear....because we were Hungry Bears! After that I lose track of the order of things but we went on Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, Astro Blasters. Most of the group wanted to do the vomit cups....I mean the tea cups, but a few of us sat out on that one! We did Mr. Toady's, we went into Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Space Mountain (LOVED it!), Autopia, Peter Pan, and of course we watched fireworks. Oh, we did Jungle Cruise too and had an amazing tour guide! :) Didn't make it to Small world....maybe next time.

I'd say that one of my favorite parts though was going to Toon Town! That's where Mickey's house is so obviously I had to go! It was soooo much fun! I think most of the reason is because we went during the parade so all of the kids were there and it was pretty much empty!!!! So, we got to play with all of the gags and stuff.....which wouldn't have happened if we adults had to let the kids go first! Then we went to Mickey's house which was so neat! :) We ate dinner there which was a good idea because there was no line....but the only things we could get were hot dogs and mac and cheese....te he he. I guess they cater to kids there.....don't know why. Anyway....everyone should go to Toon Town after dark because it's so much fun, but only if there are no kids around I guess!

And now for a few pictures! :)
Jesse and I in front of Sleepy Beauty's Castle!

Splash this picture!

Right After we were in the castle!

Apprently I wasn't worthy of getting the sword out of the stone!

Mr. Toady!

In the Submarine on the Finding Nemo ride.

The other half of the group on the sub!

Minnie and a Minnie wannabe.

Stuck in the pound in Toon Town.

The boys on the Firetruck....we would have never been able to do this if there were kids there.

We tried so hard for a good jumping picture...

Space Mountain ROCKS!!!!


Pictures from Malibu and Santa Monica

Laura and I on the private beach in Malibu.

Laura, Chad and I on the deck where he lives.

Just missing the sunset! BLAST!

Pretty wings!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Malibu and Santa Monica

Hello everyone! So, my very good friends Laura and Craig came up to LA yesterday. Originally she was going to come up for an autograph signing, but that sold out fast so they both decided to get a hotel and treat it like a mini-vacation!

So....I met them in Santa Monica (where their hotel was) in the morning and we headed up to Malibu where another friend from PA, Chad, lives. We met him at a shopping center and then we followed him to his place. I guess on the way, we passed Cher's house. When he pointed out the window, Laura and I thought he was pointing to the beautiful view that we were coming up to....but no....he was pointing out Cher's house....te he he.

So, he lived in a development that's sort of nestled off the Pacific Coast Highway. The people that he rents off of have access to the private beach that Matthew McConaughey is always photographed on and where that big fight broke out between the surfers and the paparazzi. So, we decided to go over to the guys parents house and pick up the key to the beach. Apparently, where we went is the house of one of the memebers of Boston.

So, we go to the gate to the beach and who do you think lives right next to the beach access gate.....Julia Roberts. So, I saw her house as we walked by. You have to walk down a narrow and trecherous path to get to the beach but it's so beautiful!!! It was kind of like Laguna except wider. We found Starfish and tons of hermit crabs. So we just walked around there for a bit and headed back up. Oh....we also drove passed Howie Mandell's house too.

After Malibu, we went to Calabasas because Laura really wanted to go see Dash...the store owned by the Kardashians. They also have a kid's boutique called Smooch. We went into both stores. Super cute, but super expensive. Then dinner at Johnny Rockets across the street.

OH...before I forget! We decided to take Mulholland to Calabasas because you can see the whole San Fernando Valley from there. Well....apparently we went on one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Yeah, the view was great but we didn't stop to take any pictures because our nerves were shot. It's known as "The Snake." Just youtube 'Mulholland the snake' and you'll see why. So professional motorcyclists like to ride on this road up and down and pass the cars on it around blind bends (which is every bend)....and many motorcyclists have died there. It's one of those places where if you flew off the edge of the road, you wouldn't be found for weeks I'm sure. Crazy. Never go on that road to look at the San Fernando pictures of it and then say Okay cause it's not worth the stress of the road....te he he.

Then we headed to the Santa Monica Pier....we JUST missed the sunset! BLAST....I still haven't seen a West Coast sunset. But, the pier is so much fun. It's like a carnival. First we went to the end of the pier while there was still some light peaking up and I got some good pictures (will post soon). One our way back, we stopped an got pictures with some Parrots! Yeah, there was a guy there with his parrots just letting people take pictures with them (for a tip). So we each got our pics with them. Laura got hers like she was holding a baby. Craigs was just holding it on his arm. And I held mine high in the air and it did 'pretty wings' and looked like it was going to take off.

Then Laura and I went on the roller coaster on the pier. It was a lot more fun than we were expecting! They even let us go twice in a row....te he he. Then we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp to get souviner's and then topped off the night with the world's most powder sugar covered funnel cakes! It was a little ridiculous!

It was such a fun day and I can't wait to go down to San Diego to hang out in their neck of the woods.

In other news....Drea and I found an apt that we really love! It's in Hollywood (the nice part....not the shady part). It's a few blocks from Lucille Ball's star and we can see the Hollywood (or Savepood) sign from the balcony! We applied to it and we should hear from them by Tuesday or Wednesday.....please keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!

AND....I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND TOMORROW!!!! Unfortunately, Drea can't make it....but I'm going with a bunch of people that I met (and some that I haven't yet) through her. So, it should be tons of fun!!!! :)

I'll try to post pictures from yesterdays adventures and hopefully a pic of me and Mickey in the next couple of days. Now I'm off to go work Valentine's night! Should be a long and exhausting night....but let's hope for a lot of boyfriends trying to impress girlfriends by leaving a 20 for the friendly waitress! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

worky worky

Well, I'm done with the serving class. I was saying today that this is the 3rd time that I've had to train for Olive Garden and I'm not doing it again!!! Te he he. I got 100% on my first two tests and I missed one on the one this morning. So, now I can start to really work!

Drea looked at some apartments yesterday and there were two that she really liked. One that she really really liked. We're both going to go look at them on Friday so I can see them! Hopefully we'll make a decision then!

My very good friend Laura, who lives in San Diego, is coming up here on Saturday and we're going to go do some touristy things. I think we're gonna head up to Malibu and see that beach. Then we don't know....maybe we'll just do 'Hollywood' stuff. We'll see where the road takes us! :) But, it's supposed to be in the 70's on Saturday so it should be great sight seeing weather. So, hopefully I'll have lots of pics to post on here!

So, that's about it. I think I'm going to watch last night's Lost and see if I can make some sort of sense out of it. More than likely not. I saw an interview with Josh Holloway a few weeks ago and he said that they were in the middle of shooting the 8th episode that season and he still has no idea what the eff is going on!!! Oh that show is so frustrating slash addicting slash AMAZING!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football???

Hi Everyone!

I'm really tired so I'm just going to get right into it.

On Saturday, I had to go into work for part of my re-training to run food. But, someone had called off for serving that night so they asked me to serve. That's great and things went smooth after a while (the kitchen backed up and the computers went down in my first hour....eek). The thing that stinks is that I still have to take the tests in order to be an official server there even though they had me work a Saturday night....te he he. I'm also learning that I hate CA labor laws. In PA, I would work a double and not take a break. Here, if you work over 5 or 6 hours, you have to take a 1/2 hour unpaid break and you're not allowed to work over 8 hours. So, things got screwed up when I switched positions, so I ended up taking 2- 1/2 hour breaks so they didn't get fined AND I had to leave while we were still on a wait just so I didn't go over 8 hours. So, I didn't make as much money as I could have that night....that kinds blows, but oh well. At least I got to serve a bit.

Today, I got up early and got ready early so I could watch the Pens game at 9AM....that's right 9AM!!!! I watched the first period here in La Mirada. Then I went up to Drea's to finish the game and hang out with Desilu (who I hadn't seen since Wednesday....I missed my baby!!). We ended up losing....losing to the Caps...who are on a huge winning!!!!

Anyway, Drea and I went to her friends' new apt in Sherman Oaks shortly after. We went to the park and played a game of football with a whole bunch of people and then we went back to the apt to watch the game with most of the same group. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a lot of new people! And what a freaking game right?? I wasn't really rooting for either team because I really like both of them. With that 2nd half performance, The Saints really deserved that win. We've had some great Super Bowl games in the last few years!!!!

So, that's about it. Sorry my life is kind of boring right now....te he he. Taking tests and filing for taxes. Hopefully I'll have some exciting stuff to post once I'm all settled!!

Everyone in PA, please be careful. I know Mother Nature took a big dump on you this weekend so please be careful! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I know I's been too long

Hey there everybody! I know it's been a long time since I posted anything. It's because I've been so gosh darn busy. Not really...I have been fairly busy but it's all been really boring and not really worth writing every night about.

I started work on Tuesday and it turns out that the two Olive Gardens are a lot I am in the training class again. So far though, no training videos except for one that I had never seen before. And, I get to eat all of the food again. Now the average person does the free food thing once when they train. This is my third time....te he he. I also really like the people that I'm training with so it all works out.

I hung out with Drea a lot yesterday because she was there when I went to visit Desi! So, that was nice since I really only saw her the day I got into town for about 5 minutes. I was kind of bummed about that.

More good news...I have this Sunday off for the game...bad news is that I work super early on Monday so I can't watch the game in San Diego with Laura like I wanted to. So, we'll see what I end up doing then. I think I'm going to meet some of Drea's friends and hang out with them.

So, that's pretty much it! :) Happy February everyone!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

busy busy busy

This weekend was really busy!!! On Saturday, I had to get up early at go to Olive Garden to sign some papers. I start on Tuesday with an Orientation and then I shadow someone on Wednesday and start working after that. YAY! No more horrific training! AND, I get a black apron. If anyone from my Cranberry OG reads this, I know you're jealous right now! Once I move, this will be a horrible commute but this is the busiest OG in all of I'm thinking it might be worth it to have a bad commute, but work at a really busy place! I'm excited to get started. I hate being incomeless!! There's stuff I want to do and things I need to buy and yet I am holding back at spending money!

After that, I went to a family get together. Mary's son Anthony eloped almost 4 years ago and he and his wife were getting their marriage blessed by the Catholic Church on Saturday. So, it was basically a wedding and reception. It was a lot of fun! I met a ton of people and I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of myself for remembering so many names! I have one more cousin to meet. She lives in Palm Springs so she didn't make it down for the wedding.

Yesterday, I went down to Santa Ana with some of Drea's friends to volunteer and get a free ticket to Disneyland. I thought that was pretty cool. I think Disney is like $70/day or something and now I get to go for free. YAY!

After that, I went downtown (sort of) to a small theatre to see my friend Dangerfield (yes, that's his real first name) in a play. He's been here a couple of months and got cast in this small theatre production, so I met another friend Ben there and we could cheer him on.

Today, I have to go over some booklets for OG with policies and stuff and hopefully fill out some tax stuff (if everything arrives in today's mail). But, I will take all of that homework with me to go spend some quality time with my little bundle of joy.....who has been very bad and waking up Aunt Andrea by pulling down her curtains every morning onto her bed just so Aunt Andrea will get up right away to give her wet food. That little devil!!!! We're trying to end that routine!!!!