Thursday, February 4, 2010

I know I's been too long

Hey there everybody! I know it's been a long time since I posted anything. It's because I've been so gosh darn busy. Not really...I have been fairly busy but it's all been really boring and not really worth writing every night about.

I started work on Tuesday and it turns out that the two Olive Gardens are a lot I am in the training class again. So far though, no training videos except for one that I had never seen before. And, I get to eat all of the food again. Now the average person does the free food thing once when they train. This is my third time....te he he. I also really like the people that I'm training with so it all works out.

I hung out with Drea a lot yesterday because she was there when I went to visit Desi! So, that was nice since I really only saw her the day I got into town for about 5 minutes. I was kind of bummed about that.

More good news...I have this Sunday off for the game...bad news is that I work super early on Monday so I can't watch the game in San Diego with Laura like I wanted to. So, we'll see what I end up doing then. I think I'm going to meet some of Drea's friends and hang out with them.

So, that's pretty much it! :) Happy February everyone!!!

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