Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football???

Hi Everyone!

I'm really tired so I'm just going to get right into it.

On Saturday, I had to go into work for part of my re-training to run food. But, someone had called off for serving that night so they asked me to serve. That's great and things went smooth after a while (the kitchen backed up and the computers went down in my first hour....eek). The thing that stinks is that I still have to take the tests in order to be an official server there even though they had me work a Saturday night....te he he. I'm also learning that I hate CA labor laws. In PA, I would work a double and not take a break. Here, if you work over 5 or 6 hours, you have to take a 1/2 hour unpaid break and you're not allowed to work over 8 hours. So, things got screwed up when I switched positions, so I ended up taking 2- 1/2 hour breaks so they didn't get fined AND I had to leave while we were still on a wait just so I didn't go over 8 hours. So, I didn't make as much money as I could have that night....that kinds blows, but oh well. At least I got to serve a bit.

Today, I got up early and got ready early so I could watch the Pens game at 9AM....that's right 9AM!!!! I watched the first period here in La Mirada. Then I went up to Drea's to finish the game and hang out with Desilu (who I hadn't seen since Wednesday....I missed my baby!!). We ended up losing....losing to the Caps...who are on a huge winning!!!!

Anyway, Drea and I went to her friends' new apt in Sherman Oaks shortly after. We went to the park and played a game of football with a whole bunch of people and then we went back to the apt to watch the game with most of the same group. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a lot of new people! And what a freaking game right?? I wasn't really rooting for either team because I really like both of them. With that 2nd half performance, The Saints really deserved that win. We've had some great Super Bowl games in the last few years!!!!

So, that's about it. Sorry my life is kind of boring right now....te he he. Taking tests and filing for taxes. Hopefully I'll have some exciting stuff to post once I'm all settled!!

Everyone in PA, please be careful. I know Mother Nature took a big dump on you this weekend so please be careful! :)

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