Monday, February 1, 2010

busy busy busy

This weekend was really busy!!! On Saturday, I had to get up early at go to Olive Garden to sign some papers. I start on Tuesday with an Orientation and then I shadow someone on Wednesday and start working after that. YAY! No more horrific training! AND, I get a black apron. If anyone from my Cranberry OG reads this, I know you're jealous right now! Once I move, this will be a horrible commute but this is the busiest OG in all of I'm thinking it might be worth it to have a bad commute, but work at a really busy place! I'm excited to get started. I hate being incomeless!! There's stuff I want to do and things I need to buy and yet I am holding back at spending money!

After that, I went to a family get together. Mary's son Anthony eloped almost 4 years ago and he and his wife were getting their marriage blessed by the Catholic Church on Saturday. So, it was basically a wedding and reception. It was a lot of fun! I met a ton of people and I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of myself for remembering so many names! I have one more cousin to meet. She lives in Palm Springs so she didn't make it down for the wedding.

Yesterday, I went down to Santa Ana with some of Drea's friends to volunteer and get a free ticket to Disneyland. I thought that was pretty cool. I think Disney is like $70/day or something and now I get to go for free. YAY!

After that, I went downtown (sort of) to a small theatre to see my friend Dangerfield (yes, that's his real first name) in a play. He's been here a couple of months and got cast in this small theatre production, so I met another friend Ben there and we could cheer him on.

Today, I have to go over some booklets for OG with policies and stuff and hopefully fill out some tax stuff (if everything arrives in today's mail). But, I will take all of that homework with me to go spend some quality time with my little bundle of joy.....who has been very bad and waking up Aunt Andrea by pulling down her curtains every morning onto her bed just so Aunt Andrea will get up right away to give her wet food. That little devil!!!! We're trying to end that routine!!!!

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