Friday, January 29, 2010

I Love Lucy!

So, today I decided to go on a quest. Since it wasn't the weekend, and it was so nice outside....I decided to go back to Hollywood Blvd and find Lucille Ball's Star. Now this really only required me to go online and figure out which block her star was on, but I also wanted to really browse since I didn't get a chance to on Saturday when it was so crowded.

So, I got down there and it wasn't crowded at all and I saw that there were a ton of parking spots open so I pulled up to one and noticed that it was $2/hr with a 1 hour limit during those hours. Everywhere I looked had signs like that, so I finally decided to park there and not dilly dally. Then I realized that I didn't even have $2 in change for the meter....te he he. So, I was driving around forever and found this parking garage that I read about online. It's right under the Kodak Theatre and it's only $2 for the first 4 hours as long as you buy something in one of the shops of the mall. So of course I went there since I was planning on grabbing a bite to eat anyway....they just validated my parking there! Awesome possum! So, I went up and looked at the rest of the hand and foot prints and found some good will come later!

Then, I walked kind of far to get to Lucy's star. Lots of strange people and shops....this is the best place to people watch. OH....that just reminded me of this old woman I saw yesterday near Drea's. I think she was one of those women that was really maybe 60 but looked 80. Anyway, she had a big blond curly wig, pink and white tie-dyed pants, white high heeled boots and a leopard print jacket. Oh it was beautiful!!!! Today, there was this guy that seemed like he was going for the Crocodile Dundee look except he was mexican and looked like the boots were killing him. BTW....these are the people that aren't dressing up for pictures! There's a great Captain Jack Sparrow down there. The physicalities are really good!

Anywho...then I just poked around and got some postcards and a magnet and then went over to Drea's to see Desilu. Des was in a very snuggly mood today. I have to go over some time when I can spend a good few hours over there. Lately, it's been an hour tops so I can beat rush hour traffic. But, in another month I'll be living with her again!!! :) I miss snuggling with my baby girl at night!

So, tomorrow I'm going to a family function! It's not really a wedding, because they're already married. But, they eloped and it's the thing where they make it official in the Catholic church. Whatever that is....I'm going to that for my Mom's cousin's son and his wife. I hope I don't feel awkward...I was a last minute invite and I only know a few people in the family, but now is my chance to meet almost all of the rest! :)

Oh....and I got a call from Olive Garden today. I have to go and fill out forms tomorrow morning and then I will get on the schedule for next week to follow one of the trainers and then I'll be on the floor! :) I'm so glad that I don't have to go through the entire class and I'm not unemployed anymore!!!! YAY!!!

Anywho....that's it for now. It'll be a busy weekend so hopefully I'll have lots of fun stories to tell! :)

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