Friday, January 22, 2010

Tourism and Buying's been a busy day...

Today, Uncle Jim decided to take us for a drive along to coast. So, we started off by heading to San Pedro which is a really cute town on some hills, right by the ocean. They have a huge harbor and they're right by the ship yards. It's also right across from Catalina Island (which is a lot bigger than I thought). So we went to an overlook - I will add pictures as soon as I can btw - to look at the shipping yards and the harbor. Then we drove down to the cliffside to see just how far of a fall that would be....te he he. It was really cool to see the waves coming in onto the rocks and cliffs.

After that, we went down to Long Beach. This was a very cool town. It's basically a small city built right along the marinas and beach. Right across the marina from it is the Queen Mary. So, we went over to see the Queen Mary....unfortunately, the rain was coming down so hard that we just stayed in the car to admire it. Right next to the Queen Mary is a giant dome that is about the size of Mellon Arena and that is where they used to keep the Spruce Goose. It's not there anymore because they moved it to an Air and Space Museum in Oregon. ( I would have liked to see that though....

Then we decided to go out to lunch so we stopped at a place right next to the Queen Mary called The Reef and it was gorgeous. When we walked in, we thought we would be paying a fortune because it was so big and luxorious and there were fire places everywhere and of course, it was right on the water (and we sat right by the window)....but let me tell ya, it was cheaper than a night out at Olive Garden! And the meals were excellent!!! Of course everyone but me got sea food. And Dad saw some Yachts that he was very envious of!

While we were leaving the restaurant, I got a call from Carmax saying that the car that I wanted to test drive was at the dealership, so we went a little further down the coast and then headed back up to see the car.

Well, needless to say the test drive went great because I bought it! :) My monthly payments are not that much more than I was paying for student loans (which I have since had lowered), and my car insurance is only about $20 than what I pay at home....and I only have to pay this for 9 months so really it's probably around the same! So, as long as everything goes well with the GM at Olive Garden on Monday I should be just fine with payments and getting an apt soon! :)

Well, considering yesterdays posts was GINORMOUS and today was so busy, I'm going to call it a night and head to bed. Oh, I also got a few more boxes of my stuff in the mail today so my room is a disaster!!!

But, I think we're doing more sight seeing tomorrow so I'll try to post again tomorrow night!!!

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