Monday, January 18, 2010

Procrastination will be the death of me....

So I was supposed to be packing all day today. Guess how many boxes I have!!! It's 8:00pm and I haven't packed a single box today. I've sort of organized a little bit...but for the most part, I have been doing my darndest to put it off like crazy. I'm so freaking sick of packing!!!!

On a GREAT note...I have a roommate set up in LA! My dear friend Andrea is looking to move out of the apt she's in and get a bigger one with a roommate. So, her current lease is up in March and I guess we'll start apt shopping soon. I have to get a little settled first and figure out everything with my job and buy a car (EEK).

Desilu got the stamp of approval from the vet today. They also told me to buy something called Rescue Remedy which is an herbal liquid that I just give her 3 drops a day and it might keep her a little calmer for the flight. I don't want to sedate her and neither does the vet.

Getting very excited. I get to sleep in my bed one more full night! Tomorrow night doesn't count because I'll just be getting up around 2:00 to go to the airport. That'll blow, but hopefully it'll make Desi really tired and not be really annoying on the flight.

Okay...I seriously have to go and pack something!!!


  1. Hi Bonnie! Love your Blog! I'm excited for your new adventure. Where will you be working?(has that been established yet?) Thanks for blogging and keeping us informed. (Not sure you meant to keep an old fart like me informed....but thank you anyway! :) Hope packing is going better now. May God bless your move to CA! ~Wendy~ PS: Soon I can say...I knew her when she was a Sailor! Ha!

  2. I'll hopefully be working at an Olive Garden out there. They don't do transfers out there for some reason, but my managers here gave me great recommendations. So, if not there then maybe another Dardin restaurant.