Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here comes the sun do do do do....

In case you couldn't guess from the title, the sun was shining brightly all day long! Oh, how I loved it so much. It was still a little chilly at first, but it got in the 60s today! :) Beats the snow!

This morning I got up and did practical things. I ran out and joined Chase Bank and did some shopping for various items that I needed to get, but didn't feel like lugging it out here.

After lunch, we all decided to drive up through Hollywood and Beverly Hills and then up Rodeo Drive and see all of those sights. Well, I'm thinking that all of the people that came in to town this week for vacation also decided to do Hollywood today since it's the first nice day in a while. There was a lot of traffic going toward LA (I'll discuss traffic later) and then all the way down Hollywood Blvd it was jam packed. Eventually, Mom Dad and I just hopped out of the car and walked down the Walk of Fame to The Chinese Theatre and then we met up with Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim down there after we walked around for a bit. Didn't get too many pics though because it was really crowded and if anyone knows my Dad, you know that he doesn't make a good tourist and he just kept saying 'we should meet them by the road....we should go and meet them now by the road.'

After that, we drove down Sunset Blvd. into Beverly Hills. Before that though, we got a good view of the Hollywood Hills and let me tell you, if ever I come into a lot of money....I need to buy a house up there. They are nice!!! Beverly Hills was gorgeous, but I feel bad for all of the celebrities up there because every other corner, you see someone selling maps to all of their houses. Even so though, all of the hedges and walls are so high that you can't really see the houses....the ones you can see!

We saw the front gate to Bel Air and I got the theme song to Fresh Prince stuck in my head....te he he. Then we drove down Willshire to Rodeo drive and went up there to see all of the ritzy shops. The Versace shop was really was up in a little offshoot cobblestone road....gorgeous building.

Then we took Willshire all the way into Downtown and came back!

Okay...the traffic. Yes, it's packed and yes there is lots of stopping involved....but it is a very organized chaos. You're almost never at a standstill (I haven't experienced really bad rush hour yet....although I did drive in rush hour the other night between rain storms)....then keep the traffic flowing well and the freeways kind of make sense....more so than Pittsburgh roadways. So, that's what I have to say about the traffic right now. I may change my mind in a bit and say it's unbarable!

Okay...we have to go pick up Aunt Sue at church and go out to eat! :)

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