Monday, January 25, 2010

Laguna and Newport Beaches

Things I keep forgetting to write: The very first McDonald's is in the area where I will hopefully be working. Mom and I saw it the other day. Also, the guy at the bank made a great analogy about Cali. He said 'If we were a car, we'd be the worst one to buy. We're bad in the cold. We're bad in the rain. We tend to shake a little sometimes and we're always running hot. I thought that was funny!

I haven't written in a while. On my parents last day here (Sunday), my Dad decided to be a party pooper and stay at the house to watch football all day. My mom and I went out with Aunt Sue, cousin Mary, Cousin Debbie and Debbie's kids Molly and Brad.

We started out by heading the Newport Beach and having lunch on Balboa pier. Apparently, this is a very popular place for Starfish because we spotted one on the pier and then fishermen kept catching them. Lunch was great! Did I ever tell anyone how I LOVE Avacadoes? I love them, but I hate how expensive they are in PA. Well, not only are them cheap here, but they are on everything on the menu at restaurants....or you're given the option of adding them on anything. I had a freaking Guacamole burger for lunch yesterday. It was glourious. The Avacadoes are reason enough to move to California!!!

Anyway, after that....we went to the harbor and walked around and rode a ferris wheel to get a good look at the harbor. It was beautiful!!!

Then we headed down to Laguna Beach. That beach is beautiful!!! No wonder all the rich live there and everyone makes such a big deal about it! It's gorgeous and really difficult to get to so I can't imagine it gets as crowded as the other beaches. We had cocktails at La Barisa (???) and then walked down to the beach and took some pictures.

Then we headed back to house and got ready for a BBQ at Debbie's house....which is the same neighborhood as the fact.

This morning Mom and Dad left bright and early and are havin quite a tough time getting out of Minnesota. That stinks! :(

That's about it. I'll post some pictures now....

San Pedro. If you turn to the left, Catalina is right in front of you....I think about 25-30 miles off shore.MY CAR!!!!! 2008 Chevy Cobalt...beautiful isn't it?

Mom and I on Balboa Pier in Newport.Two starfish that were caught right in front of us while we were eating!

Newport Harbor from the Ferris Wheel.Laguna Beach!Mom and I at Laguna!

Look how pretty this place is!!!
This would be a great place to watch the Sunset!
Okay....this is a painting in Debbie's dining room. Mary pulled up a chair and Mom just made it look like she was sitting on the painting chair. Hillarious! It looks like they're in wine country!

That's all for tonight! enjoy the pics!


  1. Sooo jealous of the cheap avacados! MMMMM! The pictures are gorgeous. I just may have to come visit soon. ;)

  2. Wow your pictures look so cool! Miss you!