Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It can't all be vacation.....work!

So I had my second interview with Olive Garden. Good news is that I more than likely will be working there within the next couple of weeks. Bad news is that I'm still incomeless for at least another week AND....I have to go through the damn training class again. That's all fine and good, but I will probably have to watch those stupid training videos for the THIRD time in 6 months!!!! UGH! Those things are awful!!! Oh....Oh.... (Pattie, picture me doing an impression of Bonnie M.) more good news is that I will be getting a huge raise from what I was making at home. Okay....anyone who has worked at a restaurant in PA knows that Minimum wage is a joke. You make $2.83/hr there. Here, I will be making $8 + tips. It makes sense, but I'm so excited about that!!! I know I know....the cost of living is different and all that jazz. When really....the only things that are drastically different here is the rent and taxes (but they're a lot different).

And speaking of rent. Drea and I are starting to look at apts. There are a few that look pretty decent, a few that look 'eh' and one that looks too good to be true...so it more than likely is...but we're still gonna check it out! We're looking in West Hollywood. She works at Fox Studios so that keeps her close to her work. I'm not as concerned with being super close to my work (although easy access to the freeway is a huge plus) because I really just want to be closer to the industry!

It started raining again tonight so I decided not to go see Desilu because I would have gotten stuck in rush hour + rain traffic. I'll see her tomorrow!

That's it....kind of a boring day....sorry...tomorrow will probably be even more boring so I may not even write. We'll see shall we...

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