Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunny California???

So we made it!!! That is a long freaking plane ride! We had a 2 hour ride to Atlanta and that was fine.....then there was the 4 1/2 ride to LAX. Holy Crap I thought the plane would never land. AND, they changed to a smaller plane than originally planned so I wasn't even sitting with my parents. At least they had a movie. Desilu was an angel. There were a couple of meows in the car ride to the airport, but absolutely none for either plane ride. She was so terrified, but I think she actually fell asleep on the 2nd one....which made me feel better. So...I experienced turbulence for the first time and honestly (I'm not saying this as a joke....totally serious) it didn't really phase me because I think it felt like PA roads. Near the end, it got a bit more bumpy, but for the most part I barely noticed (but my parents said it was pretty bad and they've felt turbulence before).

Anywho...we had the coolest landing (my parents hated it...but I LOVED it). Since there was bad weather coming in, they decided to land in a differnt way so we actually went out over the Pacific Ocean and came in over the coast. First of all, I got to fly over part of the ocean....the first time I see the Pacific, I'm over cool. Then, there was a giant ship that was on my side of the plane that I could see. And, we got to see all of the sea foam in the coast from the giant waves (they recorded I think 20 ft waves yesterday). But, the coolest part (which most people I think would hate, but I loved) was that LAX is right on the we were decending while we were still over the ocean! I just think that was the coolest thing. I guess my parents were freaked out and the guy next to them was praying. I was increidbly intrigued me crazy. Whatever.

Okay....what's with this so called "sunny California?" I've seen the sun a totaly of 2 times! The roads are flooding because there's no drainage on them, people don't know how to drive in the rain so they're all going 30mph, and there was a hail storm tonight. Don't get your read it correctly...HAIL!!! Thunder, Lightnig, and HAIL! My friend Drea who's been here for 2 years said that she's seen lightning like 3 times since she's lived here. Craziness. My mom's Aunt said that they've lived here for 55 years and have never seen weather this bad. Perfect time for us to come in....figures! Just had to get that off my chest.

So, the first this we did was get out rental car and go to Fox Studios to get the apt key off of Drea. (for those of you who don't know, my mom's Aunt is deathly afraid of cats so Des can't stay with me....but my good friend Drea volunteered to keep her at her apt....can't thank her enough for that) So, we were going to hop on a golf cart and get a tour, but with the weather there wasn't anything really happening. No one was shooting outside or anything. Bummer right? Oh well...

Then we went to Drea's apt and my parents had me stay with Desilu while they went and grabbed a bite to eat. At first I was okay...just trying to get her to act normal. She was so freaked at that point and wouldn't come out from under the bed. Dad called me to tell me that they were coming to pick me up and I went over to say goodbye to Des and just as I went to see her, she flopped over on her stomach like she normally does and as soon as I pet her belly, she started purring. I started bawling because I just didn't want to leave her. I was also so tired that I was dilerious, but I also felt like a bad kitty mama for traumatizing her and then leaving her in a strange place alone. So, I left her there and then we went to my Mom's Aunt and Uncle's who are taking me in for the next couple of months.

They're house is adorable. They live in La Mirada and have a yard with an orange tree and lemon tree in the back yard. I think more traffic goes down my road in Butler, than goes down their road. And, they are just as sweet as can be. I think I met them maybe 10 years ago, but I don't remember really. So, we caught up and chatted for a bit and then went over to their daughter Mary's house where we had dinner with her family and also their other daught Amy and her family came over. So, it was really neat to meet all of this family that I never knew (or at least met 10 years ago). Mary also has a beautiful house. It's really big and open and she has a great bar, pool table and the pool outside is incredible. There's a basketball area on the patio and also a hoop for the pool. There's an outdoor kitchen and she has one of those pools with the rocks and waterfalls and a bridge over to the jacuzzi and a pool side fire pit. (Had to mention that as I write this, it's hailing again....what the eff?) Anyway, gorgeous house. After dinner, we came back, mom and dad went to bed, I cried some more because I was thinking of my cat and then passed out and didn't even hear my phone ring for Drea to tell me that she made it home and saw Desi's glowing eyes under her bed....te he he.

I called Drea first thing this morning to check in and she said that at first Desi didn't want to come out and she gave up on coaxing and then Des came out and was being a little ham and rolling around and meowing and rubbing up against her. (as I was talking to her on the phone while she was at work, Jason Bateman sat down by her....she texted me after the phone call to tell me that...te he he) I felt so much better knowing that she became more of herself.

I went car shopping this morning. Of course it started pouring as soon as we went out to the car lot so we went inside to look at the inventory on the computer. And of course all of the cars that I likes were at the other Carmax lot. So, I picked one that I really liked and they're holding it for me and transferring it over to this one for free. So, hopefully I can test drive it tomorrow....if not then it will be there by Saturday. And I'm not obligated to buy it just because they're transferring it. I like that. Anyway, it's a 2008 Chevy Cobalt...burgany....45K miles....and in my price range. So, I hope I'm happy with the test drive! :)

Later in the afternoon, I went over to the Downey Olive Garden. Apparently it's like the busiest Olive Garden in the state. So, I talked to the Service Manager there and he said that I have his thumbs up for a transfer, but I would have to meet with the General Manager on I'll go back then and hopefully all goes well so I can start working!

After that, I went to visit Desilu. Right away, she saw that it was me and came out from under the bed and started rolling over and purring and snuggling!!! I love that cat so freaking much! My mom and I hung out there for a while and just snuggled and gave her lots of love. She was acting just like herself. My parents had a cat that they moved just an hour away and she freaked out and was never the same again. I was terrified that she was going to try to do that...thank God she is the same. Huge weight off my shoulders. If I can figure out how to get my computer on the internet, I'll post a picture that I took of me and Des and a palm tree in the background. I love my baby! :)

Then my mom and I drove (in rush hour....which wasn't as bad as we were expecting...probably because some people are scared to drive in the rain) back to Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim and we all went to Mary's again for dinner!

So, the rain is supposed to start letting up tomorrow and it's supposed to be sunny all weekend so hopefully my parents can enjoy some of that. I guess it's nice home right now so we keep saying that it's crappy here and they'll go home and hit a blizzard...te he he.

Anyway, this blog is way too long, but I had two busy days to catch up on so it took a while! Keep your fingers crossed that I buy a car tomorrow!!!! :)

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