Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beautiful weather....

So I haven't written in a while because nothing really has happened. We've been apt hunting...I went to see one today in West Hollywood. Great area! Really nice and quiet street. Big place. It'll probably be one of those things that if we're still interested around the end of the month, we can check and see if it's still available because it's available now and she even said we could sign a lease starting the 15h, but no later. Drea's lease isn't up until the 28th. We don't want her to pay two rents for two weeks....that just blows!

I'm thinking about heading back out to Hollywood Blvd tomorrow to walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame and hope that it isn't as crazy as the day we went out there before. I want to find Lucille Ball's star.....which I did find the address for before. I need to find some Desilu stuff!!!!! I did see Arnaz street somewhere in Hollywood. yeah....not much has been happening hense the not writing much....te he he.

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