Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

Well, I'm all packed up and ready to go. I Fed Exed a few more boxes today and two more go out tomorrow. I managed to get by with one checked bag! I don't know if I'm actually saving money this way (although I think I am), but I just don't want to give the airlines money for something that should still be free!!

The nerves haven't really hit me at all. I'm thinking I'm just ready to go. Saying goodbye to my parents will be hard....but what'll make it really hard is that my mom will probably be a bit emotional.

I still have a lot of stuff here that I'm just letting my parent inheret though. I kind of feel bad about that, but they're getting some gems! I mean that....not sarcastically!

One thing that I am nervous about is if we get any turbulence...I've never experienced that and I think we're supposed to fly through some storms....boo! I'm also worried that Desilu is going to meow the entire flight. I really don't want people wanting to kill me for 5 hours. That wouldn't be pleasant at all. Maybe she'll get it all out in the car on the way to the airport....joy for us...

I will try to post tomorrow night when we get there and settled, but I'm not sure what the internet is like there. I hope there is some Wi-Fi I can steal, but I really don't know. We'll see I guess.

Well....ta for now!

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