Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you wish upon a star your dreams come true....

A lifelong dream of mine has finally come true! I have been to Disneyland! I have wanted to go to a Disney park since I can remember and anyone who knows me knows that I needed to go to one...te he he. All I have been saying for years is that all I want is a picture with Mickey while I wear Minnie ears. Look at the pictures below! :)

A few weeks ago, a group of us did a volunteer program where you give a day and gets a Disney day for free. Thank God because a ticket to Disney is $72!!!

Anyway, there were 10 of us there and it was soooo much fun!!!! I don't even know if I could describe the whole day because we did so much! OH....everyone who goes should do the fast pass! I thought it would cost money, but it does not!!! Do it! You basically go ahead of time and they give you a designated time to come back and use the fast pass. You can only have one at a time (with some exceptions). But, do it!

We started off by going to the Mad Hatter to get my ears of course. Then we went to watch Abe Lincoln speak because it was President's Day! That Abe kind of freaked me out a bit. It's apparently the most advanced robot Disney has. Robots creep me out cause we're a step away from The Terminator coming true.....te he he. The funniest part of the day though, was walking out of the Theatre with Abe and I don't even know why, but there were portraits of Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson. I was hysterical. Absolutely no idea....

Then we went over to Adventureland and went of the Indiana Jones ride. That was a great first ride to go on. Next with Pirates of the Carribean and then the Haunted Mansion. Both were adorable! I think after that we did Splash Mountain (thank you fast pass). I really liked that even though we got drentched! Then we went to the Hungry Bear....because we were Hungry Bears! After that I lose track of the order of things but we went on Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, Astro Blasters. Most of the group wanted to do the vomit cups....I mean the tea cups, but a few of us sat out on that one! We did Mr. Toady's, we went into Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Space Mountain (LOVED it!), Autopia, Peter Pan, and of course we watched fireworks. Oh, we did Jungle Cruise too and had an amazing tour guide! :) Didn't make it to Small world....maybe next time.

I'd say that one of my favorite parts though was going to Toon Town! That's where Mickey's house is so obviously I had to go! It was soooo much fun! I think most of the reason is because we went during the parade so all of the kids were there and it was pretty much empty!!!! So, we got to play with all of the gags and stuff.....which wouldn't have happened if we adults had to let the kids go first! Then we went to Mickey's house which was so neat! :) We ate dinner there which was a good idea because there was no line....but the only things we could get were hot dogs and mac and cheese....te he he. I guess they cater to kids there.....don't know why. Anyway....everyone should go to Toon Town after dark because it's so much fun, but only if there are no kids around I guess!

And now for a few pictures! :)
Jesse and I in front of Sleepy Beauty's Castle!

Splash Mountain....love this picture!

Right After we were in the castle!

Apprently I wasn't worthy of getting the sword out of the stone!

Mr. Toady!

In the Submarine on the Finding Nemo ride.

The other half of the group on the sub!

Minnie and a Minnie wannabe.

Stuck in the pound in Toon Town.

The boys on the Firetruck....we would have never been able to do this if there were kids there.

We tried so hard for a good jumping picture...

Space Mountain ROCKS!!!!


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