Sunday, February 14, 2010

Malibu and Santa Monica

Hello everyone! So, my very good friends Laura and Craig came up to LA yesterday. Originally she was going to come up for an autograph signing, but that sold out fast so they both decided to get a hotel and treat it like a mini-vacation!

So....I met them in Santa Monica (where their hotel was) in the morning and we headed up to Malibu where another friend from PA, Chad, lives. We met him at a shopping center and then we followed him to his place. I guess on the way, we passed Cher's house. When he pointed out the window, Laura and I thought he was pointing to the beautiful view that we were coming up to....but no....he was pointing out Cher's house....te he he.

So, he lived in a development that's sort of nestled off the Pacific Coast Highway. The people that he rents off of have access to the private beach that Matthew McConaughey is always photographed on and where that big fight broke out between the surfers and the paparazzi. So, we decided to go over to the guys parents house and pick up the key to the beach. Apparently, where we went is the house of one of the memebers of Boston.

So, we go to the gate to the beach and who do you think lives right next to the beach access gate.....Julia Roberts. So, I saw her house as we walked by. You have to walk down a narrow and trecherous path to get to the beach but it's so beautiful!!! It was kind of like Laguna except wider. We found Starfish and tons of hermit crabs. So we just walked around there for a bit and headed back up. Oh....we also drove passed Howie Mandell's house too.

After Malibu, we went to Calabasas because Laura really wanted to go see Dash...the store owned by the Kardashians. They also have a kid's boutique called Smooch. We went into both stores. Super cute, but super expensive. Then dinner at Johnny Rockets across the street.

OH...before I forget! We decided to take Mulholland to Calabasas because you can see the whole San Fernando Valley from there. Well....apparently we went on one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Yeah, the view was great but we didn't stop to take any pictures because our nerves were shot. It's known as "The Snake." Just youtube 'Mulholland the snake' and you'll see why. So professional motorcyclists like to ride on this road up and down and pass the cars on it around blind bends (which is every bend)....and many motorcyclists have died there. It's one of those places where if you flew off the edge of the road, you wouldn't be found for weeks I'm sure. Crazy. Never go on that road to look at the San Fernando pictures of it and then say Okay cause it's not worth the stress of the road....te he he.

Then we headed to the Santa Monica Pier....we JUST missed the sunset! BLAST....I still haven't seen a West Coast sunset. But, the pier is so much fun. It's like a carnival. First we went to the end of the pier while there was still some light peaking up and I got some good pictures (will post soon). One our way back, we stopped an got pictures with some Parrots! Yeah, there was a guy there with his parrots just letting people take pictures with them (for a tip). So we each got our pics with them. Laura got hers like she was holding a baby. Craigs was just holding it on his arm. And I held mine high in the air and it did 'pretty wings' and looked like it was going to take off.

Then Laura and I went on the roller coaster on the pier. It was a lot more fun than we were expecting! They even let us go twice in a row....te he he. Then we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp to get souviner's and then topped off the night with the world's most powder sugar covered funnel cakes! It was a little ridiculous!

It was such a fun day and I can't wait to go down to San Diego to hang out in their neck of the woods.

In other news....Drea and I found an apt that we really love! It's in Hollywood (the nice part....not the shady part). It's a few blocks from Lucille Ball's star and we can see the Hollywood (or Savepood) sign from the balcony! We applied to it and we should hear from them by Tuesday or Wednesday.....please keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!

AND....I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND TOMORROW!!!! Unfortunately, Drea can't make it....but I'm going with a bunch of people that I met (and some that I haven't yet) through her. So, it should be tons of fun!!!! :)

I'll try to post pictures from yesterdays adventures and hopefully a pic of me and Mickey in the next couple of days. Now I'm off to go work Valentine's night! Should be a long and exhausting night....but let's hope for a lot of boyfriends trying to impress girlfriends by leaving a 20 for the friendly waitress! :)

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