Monday, February 22, 2010

It's been a week....

So I'm stuck in my Disneyland's been a week and I really want to go back! I already can only do the volunteer thing once! Maybe they'll do it again next year and the rule will change to once a year! :)

Anyway, Drea and I applied for that great apt and it's turning out to be a longer process than necessary. But, I guess you can do that with a hot rental spot. It'll be all better once we have the place!

I've mostly been working all week though. Finally getting into a groove where I'm making money. I just feel like I left my brain in Pittsburgh sometimes though. I just keep making stupid computer mistakes. Hopefully that stops soon!

On Thursday, I had a great initiation. I went to In and Out Burger! I was told that I must go there and get the animal fries, a milkshake, and obviously a burger. It was great. I guess all of the fries are fresh cut....there's no frozen patties. The guy who wrote fast food nation said that that is the only fast food place he would ever go to. They really love their burgers out here....I have to say that my favorite one so far though is the one that I had at Ruby's on Balboa Pier. They're all really good out here though. I was told that I can now be a true Californian...te he he.

That night, I went to the premiere of my friend Nicole's film. It was directed by her boyfriend Alex. Well, that was an adventure! It was in Marina Del Rey (actually about 2 buildings down from where Laura and Craig stayed last week) and I made a wrong turn coming off the exit. That was fine....easy to correct....until I hit a friggin pot hole! We heard the air gushing from the tire right away. A gas station was right there so I just pulled in there. Well....long story short....a guy offered to change our tire for us and we got on our way. But still....a bummer right?

Well, we went to the event and it was great. It was 3 short films and after each film, the directors would go up and give little speeches. You could tell that Alex was completely overwhelmed. About 500 people showed up and no one expected that response. They should all be very proud.

Well, I decided to stay at Drea's that night. I didn't want to drive back on the freeway with a doughnut on my car. So, I got to snuggle with my kitty the whole night!!!! It was wonderful!!!! I miss that so much and will have that again very very soon!!!!!!!

The next day I woke up and found a ticket on my windsheild.....blasted streetcleaning!!!!! Then I went to Pepboys expecting to pay a bunch of money for a new tire....nope....the bump made the tire dislodge from the wheel so the mechanic just had to put it back together. I just have to get an alignment with my next oil change and I should be fine! So, yay for not buying a new tire to replace the already brand new tire....but boo on the parking ticket. I guess it all works out!

That's pretty much it right now. I'm going to be running errands today and tomorrow (days off....yay) and hopefully I'll be moving this weekend or next monday!!! OH.....I know one thing I'm doing this Saturday. Drea and I are going to see Adventure in Babysitting at a midnight screening! So excited!!!!!

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