Monday, November 1, 2010

Sisters....Sisters....There were never such devoted sisters!

Lindsey came to visit me!!!! She came in late last Friday night....basically Saturday morning. But it worked out perfectly because I got off work and drove straight to the Airport to pick her up and she only had to wait for me for like 10 minutes! Love it!

So we just went straight to bed. The next day, we walked up Vine St and then down Hollywood Blvd the whole way. Got to check out all of the stars! One the way, we stopped at a little alcove of restaurants and grabbed some food. Then we kept on our way to The Kodak and Grauman's.

After that, we walked back to my place and changed and then headed to Venice Beach to walk the boardwalk. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Venice is the best people watching experience ever! It's pretty wonderful! We saw people rollerskating to music, skateboarding at the skate park, we saw a three headed turtle. We saw a guy jump over a half dozen people. And of course Muscle're always sure to see some characters there. And Lindsey bought some cute jewelry for a couple bucks too. Can't beat that. We even ran into my friends Jesse and Patrick who were also showing someone around town!

After Venice, we just went down the street to Santa Monica. As we were parking, I saw Chewey from Chelsea Lately. This is her mexican midget assistant. I was pretty excited, but Lindsey has never seen the show so she had no idea who he was! :)

We walked down the pier and watched the Sunset there. Then we stopped for some wonderful funnel cake. Then we were cold (the wind sucks....or blows....out on that pier) so we went to the car. We had been trying to think of some Halloween things to do that night....but everything was so darn expensive and we were pretty we decided to just go back to my place, carve pumpkins and watch a scary movie. BUT FIRST.....

We went to Pink's. I finally had a Pink's hot dog. Even though we were not hungry....te he he. You'll see Pink's on the Food Network sometimes. It's a famous hot dog stand that actually started during the depression and it still stands. There's usually a line around the block, but we waited because I was told that it moves fast. I call bullshit on that one. 50 minutes for a hot dog is a bit much. It was good though....just not 50 minutes good. Then we went back to my place and met my friend Richard to carve some pumpkins.

The next day, we got up and went to the bar...te he he. It was Sunday and there was a Steeler game to watch. We changed it up this week and went to Big Wangs instead of Hooters....hmmm....what's with the naming of sports bars? Anyway, Hooters is just a Steeler bar (which is kind of like any bar back home, except it's kinda cool cause you know you're 3000 miles away and still have all of those fans) and Big Wangs really shows how there is a crowd for every single team in this town. After that, we tried to hit up the Farmer's Market, which was on that block, but they were starting to close down at that point.

We couldn't go too far because my play was that night, so we just decided to do the whole Beverly Hills, Bell Air, Rodeo Drive route...and if it was still light out, we'd go to the La Brea Tar Pits.

We drove down Sunset to go through the Strip and then went up through Beverly Hills. Now, in Beverly Hills....they're very good about using hedges and fences so that no one can really see anything. But I chose a decent street to go up and we saw some nice houses. Then, we went passed the gate to Bell Air, and there were lots of Open House signs out we went in and drove around and looked at houses. We went to go to a couple open houses, but I chickened out. We would have been the only ones was around 4:00 so they were all getting really to leave and I didn't want to be the reason we kept them there. Also....the one house we pulled into would've taken at least an hour to walk was the size of a hotel.....and not a small hotel!

So, we just drove around and admired the archetecture....and wondered who lived there (especially the one that had tons of signs outside that said 'absolutely not stopping anytime' in front of the house....hmmm). After that, we walked down Rodeo Drive....which is always fun.

We ended up having enough time to go to the Tar Pits. They were really bubbly that day which was nice. For those of you who have never seen it is exactly what the name's a pit of tar. It smells like a construction site, but it's actually kind of cool. Just don't expect a lot when you go there....te he he.

Then we needed food, so we went to the Fairfax Farmer's Market (the one that's always there). After that, it was show time....Lindsey really enjoyed the closing night of my play! And then we went to a bar with my cast mates.

The entire time that she was here, we were debating on whether or not to go to Catalina on Monday. I had purchased snorkeling tickets earlier in the week, but it had been rainy and we found out that the ticket to get to the island was really expensive. After looking at the weather report on the island for Monday and my wonderful brother-in-law saying that he would buy our boat tickets, we decided to go.

It was soooo much fun. The boat ride was nice. Lindsey thinks she saw a seal....I didn't see one though. Snorkeling was awesome....we saw some really cool fish. It was cold though! Oh....did I mention that about 2 hours north just a few days earlier, a guy was killed by a shark.....te he he....we're rebels!

Catalina island is sooo pretty. We didn't even get to see much of it. We went into some shops. Then Lindsey went to shop for a bottle of wine for Chris. And then we had dinner on the water.....after a quick stroll back to our pick up point, it was time to take the boat back to Long Beach. Once we were back there, we walked around Long Beach for a while. There was a little place called Seaside Village that we saw when our boat was leaving and we wanted to check it out. Most of it was closed at that point, but it was still cute. All of Long Beach is cute. We also got some great views of the Queen Mary. Then we got locked in out parking garage....te he he. No cashiers, no automated system. Just called the security guard to let us out....but I didn't have to pay that way....te he he.

The next day was brief. Lindsey had to go back to Pittsburgh in the early afternoon so we really only had a little bit of time. We went to this place up in the hills to get a good picture of the Hollywood Sign. It took a while to get both of us in there because I had to set up my timer. The only other people there at the time I don't think spoke english. But we got it. Then we went to In and Out Burger because I got yelled at by my friend Michelle for not taking her there....te he he.

Then it was off to the airport. It was so much fun while she was out here....but man was I beat! I know she was too and then she got home late and had to get up early for work....poor Lindsey.


  1. Bon,
    I don't know how you did it, but I think that you mentioned almost everything that we did in a single blog post. And we did a LOT!

    You failed to mention the "fresh beats" at Venice. And I believe that it was a 2-headed turtle, not a 3-headed turtle (exaggerate much? Geeze...). And then... nope... that's pretty much everything. ;)

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Sorry, this is really random, but I have a question for you about myheritage. Could you email me at please?