Friday, April 23, 2010

Look out Pittsburgh! Bonnie's Back! (for a couple days)

Why do I take forever between posts? And yes, I promise to post a ton of pictures as soon as I can. Posting pictures on this web site is not the easiest thing to do.

And again....I'm going to make this one short and sweet because it's currently 1:00am on the dot and I have to wake up at 4:30am to get ready to catch a plane back to Pittsburgh for Brady's wedding! I couldn't bare to miss a Bajuszik wedding!!!

So....there are only a few highlights to talk about. I saw Erika Christensen last week at the Farmer's Market. I was picking out some mushrooms and she got right next to me and asked the lady if they were Organic and I was so tempting to shout "I love Parenthood!" But, I held back. For the record, she's my height! Go Short People!

We had a party in our new apt. It was so much fun! One of Drea's friends had some deck furniture for us and when we went over there, she offered us a couch (which will be coming soon), a handle of rum, and chocolate chips.....that spells party to me! :) For a while, we were worried if we disturbed anyone by having a party....until last night when our neighbors had a loud party on a Wednesday night. We feel alright about it now. Te he he!

Something that I was really excited about this week is that I got to see Mark Ballas play some music at a bar. Mark Ballas is my favorite pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars! A friend of a friend has a band that opened for him and I went to check out both sets. Both were great! I was going to stay to meet him, but there was a long line of people doing what I was planning to do....basically getting a picture with him so they can change their profile pictures to that. Te he he. Again. I will post pictures. But, I loaded a video on youtube (yes that's easier than posting pics on here....sorry). Here's the web address:

Also....this week I posted an audition video for Glee this week. View it and if you have Myspace, you can give me a Gold Star if you like! Don't judge the freeze frame they used for me....te he he!

Anyway, I'll be in Pittsburgh Friday night through Monday evening. I'm more than likely going to be spending most of my time with family (I get to meet my nephew), but if you're by my house, call me and maybe you can stop by! YAY! Pittsburgh here I come!


PS - Saw She's Out of my much Pgh in it! It was so much fun to figure out where they were! Represented our city well! :)

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