Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home Was Sweet But Cali Called My Name

I had a great trip home. It was wonderful to see my family after a few months and to finally meet Miles. I emailed Julie a few days before the wedding and said that I definitely volunteer to take care of him that day so she and Kev and Maddie (who were all in Brady and Jenna's wedding) could get ready without worrying about a baby. He's adorable. Maddie was a dancing machine the whole night. And she totally remembers my name, which made me super excited! Love it!

My last night home, we had dinner and invited Grandma and Aunt Niece over! It was so much fun. It's strange how at every family gathering, we end up playing youtube videos. We had my Grandma singing the song to that Trolololo was wonderful! That song was stuck in all our heads.

The day that I flew out, I had Pat come down to Pittsburgh with me. Kelly was going to meet us, but she ended up getting the We were going to go to Deluca' absolute favorite breakfast spot in town, but it was closed by the time we got there.....what was the consolation eating establishment you ask? Primanti Brothers right downt he street. We needed to go there anyway because I was going to bring back a sandwich for Drea! Then we went up to Mount Washington for some pics and then to the airport in a downpour. I didn't want to leave town on a rainy note, but you know mother-freaking-nature hates western PA, so that's what happened!

When I got back, I had to work lunch the next morning and I had a horrible case of jet lag. At first is was just that I was sleepy....then my stomach started to hurt...then I got a sharp pain in my side. Eventually, I asked to go home because I was miserable and I know that the guests were not getting good service from me. I was originally going to wait for my tables to leave, then my manager caught me doubled over in pain and asked if I wanted to transfer my last table....I immediately started crying like a big girl.....te he he. But I did transfer and went home. I had a lazy night and then slept really well that night and felt soooo much better the next day.

A couple days after that, I was a little ansy and needed to get out. I went to see this bad with my friend Andy and it was a lot of fun. It was a band we could dance to and we totally took advantage of the open dance floor....te he he. I also ate from a food truck for the first time that night! Funsies!

The rest of the week was basically filled with work, but....Holy Crap! I almost killed a woman at work on Friday. Literally....she passed out from the wine that I served her and we had to call the paramedics. So yeah....almost killed her. BUT....hello this woman had recently had brain surgery and was on some pretty heavy meds so it totally wasn't my fault.

Saturday, I had to work a breaker shift so I got out early and got to go to Agoura Hill for our friend's, Jesse and Patrick's, house warming. They actually bought a place so it was more of an officially housewarming party than ours was. It was fun! We played a game of celebrity and one of the crabby neighbors called the cops on us. Here's the thing....I get it....I cherish my sleep as well and if one of my neighbors were too loud for me to sleep, it would bug me. But you know what I would do first? Just a little knock on the door to say that it's a little too loud. That's all that would have been needed for us...but no....some people have to be so dramatic and head straight to the cops. WTF?

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We went to the Farmer's Market in the morning and came back just in time to see the Penguin game. It was the first game int he post season that I got to watch live! Unfortunately we lost! After the game, we went to Venice Beach which I had never been to. That is the ultimate people watching place. How did that place turn into the place where the craziest of the crazies went? I love it, but I'm just curious how that happened....te he he. After that, we came home and ate and then got ready for my first Rock Band experience. A friend of ours hosts Rock Bank nights at bars. It's kind of like Karaoke nights, but with the game Rock Band instead. I first went over to Andy's to practice on Guitar Hero so I wouldn't embarrass myself...te he he. It was so much fun though. The bar that it was at sucked....they took the alcohol away from you like 5 minutes after last call...AND they kicked everyone out at 1:45. We didn't like them at all. But, Rock Band was fun. I drank a bit much so we went back to Andy's and watch Dr. Horrible and I think various youtube videos. Well, Drea and Andy watched those....I was in and out of sleep...te he he. But still singing along with Dr. Horrible as much as I could....te he he.

Today, I would have liked to get up early and run, but it's already 11 and I'm still in bed and don't feel like working out. I do however want to hang out outside though because it's sunny and currently 73 degrees! We're also going to see Kick Ass tonight so I'm pretty excited about that! :)

Sorry for such a long post. Yet another reason why I need to post more frequently!


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