Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is kind of boring right now....

So I haven't been writing because it's been crazy at work. I've been working a lot of hours because it was Mother's Day weekend and then Mexican Mother's Day! Yes, there's a Mexican Mother's Day! And since most of our clientele is Mexican, that was a crazy day! FUNNY STORY though. It was yesterday by the way....but it was 9:45pm and we still had an hour long wait. That sucked since I was there at 3:00. Anyway, I was oblivious to what was going on because I got triple sat right because all of this happened, BUT!!! A couple of cops came in to our restaurant to get a drink at the bar.....APPARENTLY when they pulled in, the side of their car said Immigration and all of the people waiting to be sat that were waiting outside all fled to their cars when the cops were inside. Our wait went from one hour to ten minutes instantly!!!!! That's freaking hillarious!!!

That's about it.....other than the fact that we got a kitten!!!!! We have a friend that found her and her cat hated the kitten. Her name is Fleury! Desi is hissing and growling at her, but she'll deal!

PS - I don't know when I'm going to post pictures. When in doubt, friend me on facebook! That's where I post all of my pictures!!!! Mom, I'm talking to you. All of your kids are on there...most of your co-workers....and lots of relatives. I think it's time....

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