Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I know...I suck....

So....apparently I suck at maintaining a blog....te he he. But honestly, life has been pretty boring for me lately. I'm just working a lot. I've been in mourning since the Pens got eliminated from the playoffs....and then in even more mourning when Philly made it in. Go Hawks is all I have to say about that!

But yeah....been to a couple of concerts, been to a late night dance party. Yesterday for Memorial Day I went to a BBQ near the beach. My whole family is at the Outer Banks right now so I told my mom and we were about as far apart as we could be on this continent.

But yeah....weather has been nice and when I'm not working, I try to go out and have some fun! :) I just tried to post some pictures on here so that the post wasn't a total wash, but it won't work for some reason. Sorry....I'll try again later...

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