Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hollywood....I love this town!

So I had an exciting couple of days. Laura, my friend since 7th grade who now lives in San Diego, called me last week asking if I wanted to go to a filming of Lopez Tonight. She is a huge Hanson fan and that was both of our first concerts and they were going to be there so she got us tickets. So, Monday night, I picked her up from the train station and she stayed at my place that night. We got up super early and went to the filming the next morning. Man, if you want to ultimate people watching experience, go anywhere with Hanson fans! There are some strange people there....te he he. It was so much fun. They had a comedian/juggler warming up the crowd and he was so funny. There was a guy from Modern Family there. All of the guests came out right by us. George Lopez introduced the band right by us (in the youtube clip I'm putting up, I'm right next to the girl in the black shirt and white sweater int he row behind where George Lopez can also see Laura and I dancing at the beginning of the song, but you might have to know where we are to actually see us). Laura told George that she watches his sitcom every night before she goes to be and he told her that she was old school. It was just so much fun! :) And we all got a free copy of their CD too. It was funny to me because I hadn't seen them since 1998 I they've changed a lot....te he he.

THEN.....on my way back from taking Laura back to the train station, I drive by the Arclight and saw that they were setting up the red carpet premiere for True Blood!!!!! I freak out because that's about 3 blocks from my apt. Andrea, Jesse, and I end up going to the hardware store a little late and drive passed again and we're there just as all of the stars are on the red carpet!!! I was driving so I could only peak, but I did see Sam Merlotte!!! Drea saw I think Jessica and Jason Stackhouse. These are the things that make me LOVE living where I live!!! :) is that clip I was talking about earlier. You can try to pick us out as they pan across the crowd dancing from side to side. We are a few rows up. Laura is in a darker dress and I'm in a pink shirt. Don't feel bad if you can't see us though....

I can't find a clip of when they first come on stage for the interview....that's when you can really see us! I'll keep a look out!


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