Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'If you want to sing out, sing out....'

So I had some fun times in the last couple of days. On Saturday, a big group of us from work planned on going to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see Bettlejuice. I know what you're thinking. A cemetery? To watch a movie? YES! They do it in the summers on Saturdays and some Sundays and it's sort of like a drive in, but in a picnic form. Well, Beetlejuice is super popular....and honestly, who wouldn't want to watch that movie in a cemetery so we got there an hour before doors opened (2 1/2 hours before the movie actually started) and the line was GINORMOUS!!! So we waited and waited and waited and we actually got close to the entrance of the cemetery, when they said that it was full! Boo! So, we all ended up back at my place for some drinks and games! It ended up being a lot of fun!

Last night, Drea and I did something really cool. The Arclight has been doing this series of films dedicated to Paramount Classics and the one that was there last night was none other than Harold and Maude. I love this movie. I think it is a life changing movie. You watch it and you just want to be Maude!!!! If you have never seen it before, watch it! You won't regret it one bit! A friggin brilliant movie! And I guess Doris Roberts from Everybody Loves Raymond was there. When we first walked in, Drea said 'did you see who we just walked passed?' I hadn't and she told me and then I saw her from behind. Fun stuff! :) We were thinking about going to see Airplane tonight, but that didn't pan out.

But for now...I'm just staying busy, working a lot! OH....I should mention that I got my first head shots taken on Saturday!!! It was a lot of fun and I'm really excited to get them back to see what we came up with! :) I'll keep everyone posted on it!

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