Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Embrace The Crazy In All Of Us!

What's wrong with being a little crazy? Now, I'm not talking putting people in harm crazy. I'm talking about everyday quirky crazy! I've always thought that I've had plenty of crazy in me to go around, but now I'm thinking that everyone is a little crazy and just hide it back more. I'm unashamed and I think more people should let a little crazy out. That way, it's not as shocking to loved ones when it does eventually come out!

Here's some of my crazy....

I've got some irrational fears. The most namely is big trucks. I don't like to be near a car, walking near is a genuine fear. Why am I afraid of them you ask? Well....first of all, if you get into an accident with one....good luck surviving. Walking near them....I don't know I'm terrified that the back part of the truck is going to tip over on top of me. I know....irrational fear. No matter how much I talk myself out of it, I still have that fear.

Dismorphia....this is something that I really suspect most people to have to a certain degree. I don't have it severely, but I do see things in the mirror that are not the case. I don't have it bad enough to even be tempted to have an eating disorder or want plastic surgery....nor do I ever see it getting that bad. But, I really truely think that most people have this one, but are too ashamed to admit it!

OCD!!!! Come on.....everyone's got this one. Let it all out people. What are your obsessive compulsions? I need things to be even! If I bump into something with my right arm, don't be surprised if you see me bump into that same thing with my left arm, just to even things up. Crazy right??? I KNOW!'s a word. It took some professional help to point this one out. Basically, it's a thinking error. When something happens that may be minor, I tend to let my mind think that it's the end of the world and I go into little panic attacks. Like I said, professional help pointed this out and also helped me deal with it. It still happens, but I know how to talk myself out of reacting so badly to these mishaps.

I mentioned professional help a few times up there. I am completely open about the fact that I was in therapy over a year ago. I don't think therapy is a thing that people should be afraid to admit to. I actually think it's something that more people should go to. It's good. It's healthy. There'd be a lot less people snapping and killing people if they all had someone help them cope with everything going on it their heads. It's hard to deal with some stuff that life throws at us sometimes and it's perfectly okay to ask other people to help us. I's perfectly okay to ask other people to help us! It's not weakness....if anything, it shows more strength because you are not a coward. I personally sought out help because I felt betrayed by a family member and had a lot of hate in me....I didn't know how to deal with that! I also have Seasonal Effective Disorder (winter blues)....cure? Hello California! So, I was in therapy for about 6 months, until I got laid off and lost my insurance. It was still enough to really help me through some crappy things that were going on in my life!

I'm sharing all of this because I feel like not enough people admit to the crazy that we all have going on inside of us. I hate the stigma of therapy too. I'm cool with telling people that I went, but some people react different than others. It's like they hear therapy and automatically think that there's something wrong with me. Not really the case. Yeah....I'm crazy....but I bet you're just as crazy! You just choose to hide it! :)

The point on this rant is to encourage people to share their crazy with all of us! :) Embrace it....Own it...Admit it....Share me, you'll feel so much better!

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