Monday, March 8, 2010

First random famous people sightings!

So our apartment is really coming together! We keep buying little pieces of furniture and we bought an area rug yesterday for the living room. Once it looks like we didn't just move in, I'll post some pictures of it.

So I had an exciting weekend. On Saturday, Drea's mom's friend was in town so she and her husband stopped by and we all walked to the Kodak Theatre. For those of you who don't know, The Kodak does American Idol as well as the Academy Awards, which were the very next day. We wanted to go see everything getting set up. Now, that part of Hollywood Blvd had been closed for a while so we new it would almost be done. We got down there and it was all ready to go. We couldn't see a lot of the red carpet as there were bleachers in the way and everything was covered in plastic. We did see a lot of giant Oscar statues. And the detour to not walked across the red carpet was actually going in the Kodak through employee entrances. So we got to go inside and see more Oscar statues and flowers and red carpet. I'll post some pictures in a bit. After walking around there for a bit and looking at the stars on the walk of fame and then walking around Grauman's, we went to the Pig N Whistle to eat lunch and then went back to the apartment.

Yesterday morning, we decided to take advantage of our location and go to the Framer's Market. It was maybe a 10 minute walk for us and they basically shut down 4 streets and just have local merchants come out and sell their food. First of all, we loved this and bought healthy locally grown produce...they also have butcher's come and we bought we're thrilled about that. BUT....apparently this is the place to go if you want to see some famous people. We were at a vegetable stand and Drea was getting in line, and who is in line next to us but Casey Affleck and his kids. We both knew it was him, but didn't say anything until we walked away. Then, we were walking down one street and I see Natalie Portman walk right passed us....I whispered to Drea so she didn't miss it. THEN....I was saying something to Drea and got completely distracted because I passed Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. Seeing him gave my stomach a little jump because I LOVE that show! And he's so incredible in it. Remember that this was on Oscar Sunday so we knew that a lot of famous actors like to go there, but we really didn't think we'd see any that day! (On a side of the first things that popped into my head when I saw Casey Affleck is the fact that River Pheonix are those kid's Uncle...I saw River Pheonix's relatives....that just gave my heart a jolt).

Farmer's Market will be our Sunday morning ritual now....It's so close and we love that we can buy locally harvested stuff in the middle of the city! It's great!

Last night, we were to Drea's cousin's house for their annual Oscar Party! Her cousin's husband is a member of the Academy actually and there were many industry people that was pretty cool. I was telling them how back home it's like I have to bribe people to watch the Oscars with me. Here, there was a poll and people cheered and was like going to a Super Bowl Party! It was so much fun!!!

So it was a very fun and exhausting weekend. Today, I'm going to Goodwill, job hunting, filling out taxes, and then hopefully actually going to see Adventures in Babysitting tonight at the New Beverly Theatre....which is owned by none other than Quentin Tarentino! :)

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