Saturday, March 6, 2010

YAY for a new apartment

So, I've been sooo busy this week. I had to work 9 days in a row....all while moving into our beautiful apt! :) Although on the 9th day that I was supposed to work, there was a power outage and they didn't find my number in time so I showed up and by law, they have to keep me for 2 hours. So, I stayed there and ate lunch with the managers and then since there was nothing to do, they said they would just pay me for 2 hours and I could leave. That was fiiiiiine with me! :)

Yesterday, I got a bed!!!! excited to have an actual bed! No more air mattress on the floor!!! It feels like I actually live here now! :)

Today, we're meeting Drea's mom's friend and walking up to the Kodak Theatre to see all of the Oscar stuff being set up. Tomorrow, we're going to Drea's cousins for their Oscar party. It's going to be a big group of people that actually get into it! There's going to be a $5 poll and everything. It'll be like a Super Bowl Party! So excited! :)

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  1. Post pictures of your apt. soon I cant wait to see!